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Personal Trainer in Frankfurt mit dem Spezialgebiet koordinative Förderung



Duy-Bach Nguyen

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Your personal trainer and consultant in Frankfurt 


A healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with an increased quality of life. For this purpose, the Personal Training & Physical Education (PTE) concept includes the promotion of body and mind. Together we strengthen your physique and at the same time create a stronger awareness of a vital lifestyle. Therefore, it is my general aim to improve both your physical and mental fitness through personal support. For this I would like to understand your personal goals in order to be able to create a training program tailored to your needs.

Whatever your goals and motivation may be - building muscle, losing weight, rehabilitation, changing your diet, learning new motor skills or preparing for a sporting challenge - as a personal trainer I will be happy to assist you._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

In the practical implementation of the developed strategy, I will of course support you with my experience and professional competence in every training session. I will advise you and accompany you on your way to your goal.

Let's tackle it together and start a new personal phase under the motto "Start something Good". A development for body and mind. Something that gives you the long-awaited balance and inner peace. No matter how small the positive progress, it is progress. Something we value and can build on. From this point we start together   to new paths. Something that will positively influence your vision of the future step by step.


Ich begleite Sie als Personal Trainer auf jeder Stufe




I invite you to make better and, above all, healthier choices in your life. You can decide what you want to focus on in Personal Training & Physical Education (PTE).

With expertise and methodical competence, I would like to seamlessly tie in with your intrinsic   motivation in order to animate you at any time for a demanding and thus at the same time supportive training. The only standard that applies is your expectations of the staff  Training and the quality I offer. You don't have to meet any specific physical requirements or prepare yourself in any way. Just come as you are and leave the training a little better than before. 

In order to record the training progress, I will carry out a training documentation for you during and after your personal training. This way, I am always aware of where we are at the moment and always have your training goals in focus. You can fully concentrate on your training. According to your requirements, the exercises are tailored to your individual performance. I constantly adapt your training plan to your progress. This is to guarantee that you are given the right training stimulus at all times. Personal training will soon make you mentally and physically stronger. Realize your potential with me as your personal trainer and always get to know yourself from a better side. 

Personal Training Frankfurt: Abnehmen und Muskelaufbau
  • Krafttraining 

  • Cardiotraining 

Personal Training Frankfurt: Trainingsoptimierung
  • Training planning and adjustment

  • Competition preparation 

Personal Training Frankfurt: Breakdance in Frankfurt am Main
  • understanding of dance and music

  • Motor promotion

Personal Training Frankfurt: Breakdance mit Kindern


  • Child-friendly training 

  • Playful Promotion 

Personal Training: Beschwerdefrei im Alltag & Training
  • Medical training advice

  • Complaint-free in everyday life and training

  • Partner and group exercises 

  • positive interdependence

Ernährungstrainer: Abnehmen und gesunde Ernährung
  • Nutritional advice with individual diet plan

  • meal management

PTE in Aktion

PTE in Aktion
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Duy-Bach Nguyen bei der Eintracht

Duy-Bach Nguyen bei der Eintracht

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Breakdance am Museum für angewandte Kunst - Museumsuferfest 2015

Breakdance am Museum für angewandte Kunst - Museumsuferfest 2015

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Eintracht Frankfurt Breaking - Trainingsvideo

Eintracht Frankfurt Breaking - Trainingsvideo

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