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A structured planning of your training can fundamentally change your level of performance. With me, as your personal trainer in Frankfurt am Main, I support you in your plan to achieve top performance. Once a competitive athlete myself, I can help you to reach your full potential for competitions. Achieve the difference   between good and better.


In order to bring about the desired adaptation reactions in the form of increased performance after training, a suitable training stimulus is necessary during the exercise process.

As your personal trainer in Frankfurt am Main, I make sure that the right training stimulus is given to you during training. For this purpose, I carry out a training plan for you and document your progress with each training session. You can fully concentrate on your training. I keep an overview of everything and am always aware of your current level of performance. I always adapt your training plan to your circumstances and conditions. So there is no rigid training concept for me. Rather, our training is a constantly changing process of training methods and intensities. As your personal trainer in Frankfurt am Main, I take into account all factors of performance improvement. For this reason, I record your psychological resilience, your diet and your state of health in an initial consultation. In order to increase your performance, regeneration in the form of recovery is just as important as the training stimulus. Because only the optimal relationship between fatigue and recovery can increase performance - the so-called supercompensation. Knowing the correct use of training stimulus, fatigue and recovery, taking adaptation into account, is the key to increased performance levels and can minimize performance decline. As a personal trainer, I use this knowledge to design a special training concept for you. In doing so, I orientate myself according to the scientific standard. I support you in a targeted, regular and effective way with your personal training and help you to meet your increased performance requirements.

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