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Group outdoor training

Are you reluctant to train alone, but still don't feel like you're in the right place in the overcrowded gyms? You also don't want to belong to an anonymous crowd and just enroll in a club course that doesn't really give you a sense of belonging. Then personal training in a group is just right for you! Decide in which group constellation you want to have a training session with me, your personal trainer in Frankfurt am Main. You can decide for yourself who you want to train with. Here you can enjoy the advantage of family group dynamics and at the same time the freedom to practice your own exercises individually. With your personal training in Frankfurt am Main, you can enjoy personal support either together with a partner or in a training group of your choice. The training takes place at your home or outdoors at either Grüneburgpark or Osthafenpark.

Two is Better

With my professional competence, I guarantee you qualitative personal training with the partner of your choice. The joint personal training becomes an exciting experience. Because what connects more than sweating together? Let's set common training goals that we pursue and achieve together. 

Personal Training mit dem Partner Ihrer Wahl
Personal Training als Laufgruppe oder mit der Manschaft

TEAM – Together Everyone Achievements More

As a professional personal trainer, I also deal intensively with your individual training support during group workouts, as I see it as my responsibility to optimally support you in the group. At the same time, you can benefit from the positive training atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by the group's motivation.  

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