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As part of the hip-hop movement of the 1970s, breakdance is best known today for its media presence in dance films. The dance stands out with its acrobatic "power moves" such as the "headspin" or the gymnastic interludes such as somersaults and freezes. These are only interesting partial aspects of the dance breakdance.

The dance appeals to all ages and can be performed at different levels. In order to bring you or your children   closer to other aspects of breakdance, we go into all the basic elements in our personal training for breakdance: top rock, footwork and freezes. These basic elements can be deepened as desired and infinitely expanded and recreated through gymnastic performances and dance steps. Every creative extension expands the dance horizon and gives the dancer a new experience of freedom. We get to know breakdance anew every time and create our own style with the music. We also use breakdance to go beyond our physical limits. Breakdance then becomes a tool with which we can let off steam in dance and express ourselves musically. And of course we will not lose sight of the most important thing, namely the joy of movement. Anyone can learn breakdance if they are interested and motivated. I would be happy to show you my interpretation of this fascinating dance, which has accompanied me for more than 10 years. Join me in the exchange and learn a whole new kind of physical and coordination challenge with your personal trainer in Frankfurt. Beyond the creed of fitness, breakdancing helps build mental strength and boost self-confidence. 

Personal Training Breakdance Frankfurt


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