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Strength is the ability of our nerve-muscle system to counteract external resistance through muscle contraction. If we intensify this muscle activity, the muscle cross-section will increase over time and we will get an increase in strength. This process of muscle growth is stimulated by intensive and regular strength training.

Our personal training is aimed both at strengthening the muscles and at personal growth.

Both work on the same principle - counteract and overcome resistance. Here it is not just physical, but also mental resistance that needs to be overcome. Thus, with every personal training, commitment, muscle strength and stamina are required and trained. As your personal trainer in Frankfurt, I am your support and help you to gain more strength and a more robust body.


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As your personal trainer in Frankfurt, I will support you in overcoming your mental barriers and developing a disciplined attitude towards strength training in the long term. In addition, I will help you to set the right training stimulus for optimal muscle growth. I use a wide range of exercises with body weight and equipment to train different muscle groups extensively and to ensure a varied training stimulus. The general goal of our strength training is to build a stable muscular corset and to strengthen both the passive and the active musculoskeletal system. At the same time, we lose weight by building muscle mass and reducing fat mass. The body becomes tighter, more defined and more toned. In addition to this, we improve your basic endurance by incorporating endurance units.  If you already come from a certain sport and have motoric experience, we can incorporate this into the training and improve your strength and endurance specific to the sport. 


Proper strength training leads to muscle growth. This increases your muscle cross-section. In order to maintain your muscle mass, your larger muscles use more calories during metabolic activity - even at rest. The calorie deficit, which is important for fat loss, can thus be reached more quickly. Strength training that you regularly do at optimal intensity not only leads to stronger muscles, but also to increased energy consumption at the same time. As a result, you burn more calories every day and can therefore break down fat more easily. Losing weight takes on a whole new meaning: gain muscle mass and lose fat. As your personal trainer in Frankfurt, I will show you efficient and sensible training alternatives to tedious jogging to lose weight or endless sit-ups to achieve the desired six-pack. I am your constant companion in this project and will support you with my expertise in training science. 

Fettabbau und Muskelaufbau mit Hanteln mit Ihrem Personal Trainer in Frankfurt am Main


The body needs exercise and we shouldn't be afraid to give the body that in the form of exercise. If we follow the natural desire for movement, we will notice how body and mind find fulfillment in this activity. Get to know your body better and - above all - start listening to it. The constant need to change something in and on your own body through sport is the fuel you need. In the beginning it is motivation that provides a spark and soon becomes a flame of discipline. You will also radiate this flame. Poor posture and lack of exercise are outshined by this flame and are only shadows. Exude confidence by showing yourself to the world with an upright and stable posture. Show off your hard work with pride. All of this is possible with training that is specially tailored to you and your needs. Combined with personal coaching, I would like to promote your personality more strongly and in all facets of personal training. You will then see that with my help you will exude fitness.           

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Well developed muscles surround your body like armor while protecting you from dangerous bumps and falls. Especially in old age, the stability of the musculoskeletal system plays an important role due to increased bone density. In addition, the surrounding muscles protect the joint structures. This protection can only be maintained by strong muscles. Your movements are no longer limited by muscle weakness and everyday taskscan be carried out without restriction. The quality of life is thus maintained even in old age. In addition to prevention, strength training also serves as therapy. Back or neck problems, muscle atrophy or osteoporosis can be effectively treated with strength training. It pays to start strength training at an early age. Your health plan for retirement should therefore include strength training. I would be happy to recommend the right insurance for you - an individual muscle building program for you. 

Stabilität und Schutz mit Ihrem Personal Trainer


In addition to strength training the skeletal muscles, I also want to train the most important muscle in your body - the heart muscle. A more efficient heart can pump blood through your body better. Your body can be optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients thanks to better blood circulation. This increases your resistance to fatigue with increased regenerative capacity. That's why I like to supplement your strength training with endurance units in order to improve your heart's performance through the right coordination. The heart thus works more efficiently by lowering the resting heart rate and increasing the stroke volume. The resulting relief of the heart muscle leads to an improvement in your cardiac and muscular performance. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that the heart muscle is the engine of life. There is nothing better for this motor than continuous and consistent strength and endurance training at a healthy rate. Take care of your engine of life with me. 

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