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Personal Trainer Frankfurt: Duy-Bach Nguyen

"For me, a healthy and aesthetically pleasing body is a status symbol that inevitably reflects one's hard work and time investment. It's a body that isn't given or borrowed, but was created solely through constant and disciplined training. That body is a steady one Expression of self-respect and caring At the same time, the body is my partner, who accompanies me throughout my life, on whom I can build and trust. In this context, I respect everyone who, despite difficult circumstances, obstacles and limited opportunities, has the strength and patience to reach their fullest potential." 
-Your Personal Trainer Duy-Bach Nguyen-


My ambitions as a personal trainer 

The fascination for aesthetic movements and the associated training is the original impetus for my current philosophy of life and work. My idea of movement aesthetics quickly led to the questions of how movements arise in general and how they can be optimized through efficient training. It was important to me to put the knowledge I had acquired into practice and thereby have a positive influence on those around me. So I decided on my current job as a personal trainer and sports teacher. 
Now I'm a teacher at the international-bilingual-montessori-school, responsible for physical education. I've also been a licensed personal trainer for over 8 years and lead the breakdance group at theEintracht Frankfurt.
My repertoire also includes projects with the AOK, the European School in Frankfurt and the Museum for Applied Arts in Frankfurt.


Über Mich: Personal Trainer Duy-Bach Nguyen


2020    physical education teacher,International Bilingual Montessori School Frankfurt

2018      nutrition coach,German Fitness Instructors Association

2017    1st state exam, Goethe University, Frankfurt a. M ​​                                           Teaching degree (Sport & Politics and Economics) 

2015      Breakdance Coach,Eintracht Frankfurt

2014      trampoline trainer I & II,German Gymnastics Federation

2013.   A license,  German Fitness Instructors Association

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